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Are You Stress Resistant or Stress RESILIENT?

Mo Gawdat seemed to have everything. 

Successful career as a Chief Business Officer at Google. Founder of multiple successful companies. A loving family and a couple Rolls Royces. 

But he wasn’t happy. 

After tragedy struck and his son passed away, Mo dedicated his efforts to understanding the happiness that always eluded him. He realized — most of all — that happiness isn’t objective. It’s subjective. 

“Happiness isn’t what happens to you. Happiness is how you feel about what happens to you.”

His research and his experience show how mindset matters. This isn’t just true of happiness. It’s also true of stress. Unfortunately, much of how we perceive stress is wrong. We treat stress like an emotion. But it’s not. We assume all stress is bad. But it’s not. We think the key to a better life is avoiding stress. But it’s not. 

On May 1st at 4:00 EST, I hope you’ll join me for a free webinar: The Mindsets of Stress Resilience. In the meantime, consider how your mindsets on stress are either moving you forward or holding you back. Take the Stress Mindset Quiz:

Want to learn more? Join me next week!


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