5 De-stress Strategies – Free Resource!

People are great and listing their strategies, averaging 10+ things stressing them out. But the average amount of coping strategies? 4. Even more surprising is the reliance on one strategy: distraction. Here's how to diversify your destressing.

Stepping Off Our Stress Box

There's no question that today's young adults are feeling intense levels of stress. 31% of all teens report feeling overwhelmed, depressed or sad as a result of stress 36% of teens report fatigue or feeling tired 23% report skipping a meal due to stress 2x as many students report their stress is getting worse compared … Continue reading Stepping Off Our Stress Box

Why Teens Don’t Talk to Us

"My friend told me I should talk to you. I'm really struggling and I didn't know who else to talk to..." Frequently, students come to my room, starting conversations like this. Some of them I have in class. Some I've never met. I work with them after school or during their lunch, listening to their … Continue reading Why Teens Don’t Talk to Us

7 Books About the Brain Every Teacher Should Read

My wife and I love to play a game called, "Y'know what blows my mind?"  It consists of one of us randomly ranting about things that blow our mind -- things beyond our comprehension.  Outer space.  How tiny humans grow inside larger humans.  How our voices can be made into invisible data, thrown into the … Continue reading 7 Books About the Brain Every Teacher Should Read