Af-fect (verb)

  • have an effect on; make a difference to
  • touch the feelings of someone; move emotionally

AffectiveLiving is an outlet for my life’s thesis:

Use scientific research and education to positively affect individuals’ perspectives, passions, and perseverance.

My work is rooted in the importance of social emotional learning, empathy, and human thriving.  Throughout my decade of experience as a high school teacher, educational trainer, writer, and speaker, I’ve always been committed to creating authentic dialogue, stirring thoughts, and providing a liaison between psychological research and teaching.

If you want to know more about my background and work, check out the Speaking & Workshops page.  If you want to connect, fill out the form below.  Or, if you just want to grab a beer or a coffee and talk life, learning, and thriving, look me up the next time you’re near Kalamazoo (yep, it’s a real place).


Chase Mielke

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