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Free eBook: G Words – 20 Strategies for Fostering Grit and Growth Mindset

Hi all,

After months of drafting, adding, and re-writing, I’ve finally finished a collection of strategies I’ve used to help cultivate grit and growth mindset in thousands of students.  This beefy 60 pager is free for anyone, no strings attached.  Just click on the link below (or the “free ebook” menu option). Below the image is the link for you to download.

I hope that these ideas can serve you and your students.  As always, feel free to contact me for more information on any of these strategies, or to share your results and ideas.

With gratitude to all of you who follow my musings.

Chase Mielke


4 responses to “Free eBook: G Words – 20 Strategies for Fostering Grit and Growth Mindset”

  1. Thank you! Excellent resource. I am a music teacher and can find some valuable life-long learning that I can apply in the music room. I love the challenge to think outside the box. Have a great day! ( You made mine!)

  2. Excellent Stuff! Thanks for putting so much time into this. Much appreciated. I work in Alt Ed and am passing this on to our administrator.
    Thanks so much!

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