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[VIDEO] Is Teaching Worth It?

For all the great educators I’ve met, including those who are soon to lend their passion and talents to the field.

Please share this with an educator you know!

Huge gratitude to Kevin RomeoDaniel Juan Martinez and the whole RHINO MEDIA PRODUCTIONS team, as my student volunteers.


10 responses to “[VIDEO] Is Teaching Worth It?”

  1. Yeah, definitely not about the money! haha Although I feel rich compared to the guys in my other career (comedy). I feel like pay is fine, but then I hear what other jobs with much less effort and stress make and I feel underpaid–but as I’ve said “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I like my job and that’s worth it. : )

  2. This is such an amazing video. This is definitely something to watch on those days when the struggle starts to get to you and you need a reminder of the greatness of our profession and the true reasons we go into teaching. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Thanks. I just failed my National Boards for the second time today. I have to have it to keep my certificate, so I am pretty down on myself. I appreciate your messages Chase, sometime it would be great to meet you!

  4. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. This goes to the heart of teaching–more than just a job, it goes to the heart of “why” we work and what we hope to do in the community. It’s a frustrating job, but it’s also a great rush.

  5. You have a lot to say about the state of our society and education and that is OK. I like your line about “using words rather than fists”, but I encourage you to be a little more real in your next video. Don’t strive to be the central character in a slam poetry video. I realize that there are legalities to consider when including your students in a public forum, but your videos come off as a little self-centered. You are always the one speaking. As you grow in your career, you should strive to honor your colleagues and students a little more in your future posts. Invite them to participate in your blog if they are inclined to do so.

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