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Podcasting with Weston Kieschnick

Podcasting with Weston Kieschnick

This final sprint at the end of the school year is always chaos.  Between teaching, grading, organizing my hot mess of a room, trying to motivate the end-of-the-year sloths called students, and trying to motivate the end-of-the-year sloth called myself, life is jam packed.

However, one thing I will always make time for is connecting with friends — especially if it involves talking shop about teaching.  So, recently I had a chance to catch up with a long-time friend, long-time stud, and long-time outstanding educator and coach, Weston Kieschnick.

In addition to running an outstanding blog,, Weston also has a creative, engaging, and informative podcast, Teaching Keating.  Each week, he and another educator coach a well-known teacher from pop culture.  And, he was kind enough to let me jump into the game.   Our teacher-of-choice? Terence Fletcher from the movie Whiplash.

Check out our conversation together, along with other episodes from Teaching Keating here:

Teaching Keating: Mr. Fletcher

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