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What Students Really Need to Hear [Video]

67 responses to “What Students Really Need to Hear [Video]”

  1. I am so happy to see that this is a video! My students loved analyzing this in class as a piece of writing. I would love to use this as a speech analysis activity…has this piece ever been delivered as a speech to a public audience? Very curious…

    • Thank you, Kristy! Aside from when I spoke with the few students for whom this was intended, I have not presented it to a public audience yet 🙂 I’ve been asked to speak about the topic of resilience, but not this piece in its entirety.

      • I used this video in my classroom and we talked about the main idea, key phrases that jumped out at them and so on. They loved it, and loved the prospective on it. Mind you, my students come from the North side of Milwaukee. It was great to get their ideas on it. They especially loved the end! Thank you!

      • This is brilliant. I used this today in my “credit recovery” classes and the effect was dramatic. Big-strapping boys in tears, other totally speechless. Thank you for beautifully and concisely saying what I try to teach daily. In fact my students were surprised I was not the author. A very humble thank you!

  2. OUTSTANDING! Thank you. I was picturing all the students I want to sit down with on Monday and show this to, because there is no way I could say it any better.

  3. This is for humans no matter the age. It is an amazing piece. I would like to read the original written blog, but unable to find that version. Thank you for your passionate words, filled with longing for your students.

  4. Hi, Chase,

    This is an incredibly powerful video!! I read the blog version in the spring an loved it – but this is so right on to where we are moving with instilling a growth mindset, resilience, and grit in our many, many students who come to school without it.

    It is our “main event” to get this message to students and teach them (and believe ourselves) that the “main event” is not the subjects and skills, but learning to “go for it”, “be there” and learning the habit of perseverance and not the habit of passivity and giving up – hiding behind the safety shield attitude: “I don’t care.”

    I shared this with principals this weekend, and will again at our admin meeting. I’m also talking to them about your offer to work with us on getting that fear level down among our teachers. And whatever you can do to get it down for us too! There is a lot of defensiveness on our admin team related to the morale and fear issue.

    Anyway, let’s be in touch on ideas for the admin team…

    Again, an amazingly powerful video, Chase.


  5. Chase, we are fortunate to have you as a member of our PCS staff! Keep on inspiring humans (of all ages) to do better.

  6. My 20 yr old son recently recieved this video from his estranged father whom we are trying to get support from for post secondary schooling. Its a shame that he has used this positive video to get back at his son.

  7. I am leaving my students and moving to another state. Its a huge ordeal and my students mean the most to me. I struggle how and when to tell them because I didnt want them to give up once I was gone. I stumbled upon this and it was exactly how I am feeling. My admin didnt want me to tell my students until the last day but I truly couldnt fathom that. I am showing them this video today and Ill be here until Friday to help them process the information and get them in the routine they need to be in to be successful. Thanks for this…its amazing.

  8. This is an amazing video. I, for one, would like to thank you for caring about my son and all of the other students that have entered your life. The world is a better place because of people like you. Thank You again,
    Beth Try
    (Jordan’s Mom)

  9. Wish more administrators understood the “main event.” Because teachers and students are not there to make them look good, gain favor, or get a promotion. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  10. Thank you so much for bringing the reality of the world to the classroom. I think what you are doing is exceptional! Hope you don’t mind, but I have saved you on my blog and have begun to share your writings as well with others. Great Job!

  11. How Children Succeed by Paul Tough. Hits on this big idea of character that educators are starting to pick up on. Awesome video!

  12. This is amazing! Thanks for articulating these thoughts and doing so in a way that challenges students without belittling them. Building perseverance is key; even in elementary school, some students struggle with resilience. I love the way that you translated this thinking into words. Thanks for your passion and inspirations!

  13. I wish this would have been around when my older grandkids were failing in school, I now have a 9yr old and 7 yr old and will pass this on the parents for their review. A wonderful article.

  14. This is great. I have shared it on facebook and would like to share it with my students as it completely embodies what I tell them all the time….. just better. May I give it to them? Completely giving you credit of course?

    Thanks you.

  15. Chase,

    I teach middle school in North Carolina and am using this piece as a reflective writing activity. We are writing “Dear Mr. Mielke” assignments across grade level (72 students) and are in the “rough draft stage” right now.
    I am wondering if you would be willing to share your address with my students? I have received a handful of drafts back, and some of their reflections are truly inspiring. As a teacher, I think it might make you smile to see their letters!
    We would love to send them to you as part of the culmination to this assignment.

    Please feel free to email me with your response.

    Jess (and the 7th grade team at Exploris Middle School)

  16. It’s an odd, odd thing to find someone feeling and speaking the same words my heart doesn’t know how to say. Thank you for inspiring me, and for telling it like it is in such a meaningful and connected way. Sharing this with my son’s high school principal today, and with my son tonight.

  17. Thank you for such a wonderful, well-written piece. May we have permission to show your video to our students as part of a character lesson?

  18. The truth? They KNOW. They know you care.
    From a recently retired teacher—still in touch with hundreds of former students–who continue to give me great joy and happiness.

    • Teaching students to trust themselves….that was the hard part. Ahhhh–and such a miracle—when it happened.

  19. I was grading tests, getting frustrated with myself as a teacher. What am I doing wrong? Turned to facebook to rant and one of my friends posted this video. I loved it. You’ve said exactly what needs said. I am considering sharing with parents before I share with students. I read your earlier comments giving permission to share. Thanks for saying what needs said! You’ve given me hope.

      • all commenters you dont know though, 5/4 kids hav a learning diffrence and struggle poorly and need help their not stupid or slackers it’s the way their mind works and opperates as teachers you should feel a shamed watchin this video.

  20. my friend got blamed for not reading correct and was sent to the principle he soon got tested and soon got tested then his special ed director said he is highly dylexic. teachers should feel ashamed

  21. Thank you so much for putting into words what was in my heart when my kids were going through school and having great difficulty. If indeed this is how you approach your job as a teacher you are one in a million. Bravo Chasemielke !!!

  22. When I first read your blog of “what students really need to hear” I knew you had something special to say. Seeing it on tape … it’s even more powerful. Thank you for this – it’s fabulous. I’ll post it on the Teaching with Heart facebook page and encourage other to share it.

  23. Now that many of our students have seen the video, our staff is considering getting T-shirts made with “The Main Event” written on the front and perhaps a wordle on the back to emphasize the message. Your monologue addresses many of our frustrations and challenges. Any suggestions Chase?

  24. I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing this. I just started medical school a few months ago, and I have been continually referring back to this piece as a reminder. Thank you for reminding us what education is about: becoming a better self, a better human.
    I truly hope your students appreciate your continual efforts.
    God bless!
    Amanda, OMS-1

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