Chase Mielke

Author. Speaker. Well-Being Expert.

The 3 Horsemen of the Burnout Apocalypse

Imagine you go to a doctor and she asks, “What’s wrong?”

And then you just reply, “I hurt.” No further information. Just, “I hurt.” Okay, we’ve probably all been there were we do feel like our whole body hurts. But if we didn’t give ANY additional information, the doctor would have no idea how to help.

Specificity yields efficiency in moving from surviving to thriving.

Yet, when it comes to our burnout, we make broad statements like, “I’m burned out” or “I’m stressed.”So let’s do a crash course in the research on burnout — and help you better diagnose what’s at the root of stress and exhaustion. In this 5 minute video, I unpack the 3 Horsemen that ride together for the burnout apocalypse. See which ones you identify in yourself. Then, let’s find ways to overcome them.


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