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Life is Hard Right Now: Normalize Before You Optimize

The novelty of being home has worn off. Now it’s hard. 

It’s hard being cooped up for weeks at a time. It’s hard not seeing my students. It’s hard having so much out of my control — and not knowing when it will end. 

Then we douse those struggles with guilt and upward comparisons: We’re SUPPOSED to learn and teach at high levels. We are SUPPOSED to carry on as usual. 

But we are not. Because life is different right now.

We need to normalize being human before we can optimize being human — owning that this is hard. 
Recently, I joined Jon Harper and Mandy Froehlich to talk about the mindsets needed to first normalize our struggle and then optimize our beliefs that we will get through this.

Listen to the interview below. Then give yourself permission to be human right now.

We’re Missing Seeing Our Students. How Can We Fill That Hole in Our Souls? (Via Bam! Radio)


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