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Why you haven’t heard from me in a bit

Hi all,

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted here in months.  Let me explain why:

I have a new job, one that has taken a lot more time, attention, and energy than even my most liberal guesses.  I’m now a parent of a fussy, growing, baby boy.  So, if you’re wondering why I have been absent from the blog game, it’s because I’ve dedicated my energies to this amazing, challenging little creature.

Not to worry though: I’ll be ramping up my postings soon.  In particular, I’ll be capturing my years’ worth of teaching positive psychology lessons in a series I’m calling Thriving Learner.  Over the next few months, I’ll be hitting on topics like mindfulness, positive emotion, optimism, resilience, meaning, positive relationships — and how all of it can be taught and fostered in schools.  In addition to the Thriving Learner Series, I’ll be polishing and sharing a detailed ebook with strategies galore for building grit and growth mindset.

Also, for all you parents out there, I started blogging about my adventures in fathering via a new blog, Dad-ish.  As with AffectiveLiving, I aim to be authentic about my experiences and learnings, the good, the bad, the rewarding, and the smelly.  Check it out and feel free to follow.

For all of you who follow this blog, thank you for your feedback, shares, patience, and support.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a diaper to change.

– Chase


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