Speaking & Workshops

I’ve been asked often if I do speaking events, consultations, or trainings.  The answer: Yes!  Here’s a bit of information about my work with teachers and students. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to talk more specifically about how we can collaborate.

Working with Students

Working with young adults is my jam and peanut butter.  I’ve given countless keynotes, presentations, and workshops across the nation.  While I am able to customize my workshops to a variety of subjects, I am passionate about topics like:

– Build your “grit muscle” through adversity;

– Cultivate better relationships through simple conversation;

– Create change through small actions;

– Reframe and find the positives in life;

– How your brain works and how to make it work for you;

– Take responsibility to take control of your life;

– Overcome your fear and find your growth zone;

Working with Teachers

Each year, our Positive Psychology program sees an increase in grade point averages and passed classes, increases in optimism & grit, along with dozens of anecdotal success stories. The effects of the program last beyond one year. What began as a one-section program has now expanded, reaching over 100+ students each year and receiving a 2012 Michigan Association of School Administrators’ Winner’s Circle Award.

My experience and learning from the program have allowed me to collaborate with teachers through workshops and trainings to:

Cultivate positive cultures that increase academic risk-taking and positive affect towards school and learning;

– Increase grit, motivation, and successful goal-setting through implicit and explicit teaching strategies;

– Create clear and consistent behavior management systems that coach students to learn from failures rather than repeat them;

– Teach concepts of Positive Psychology, including optimism, gratitude, mindfulness, positive relationships, positive emotion, and purpose;

– Find personal motivation and purpose to continue teaching challenging students.

Since I am first and foremost a teacher, I know that not every program, school, teacher, or student is the same. Therefore, I offer flexibility in collaborating with students and teachers, including:

– In-service trainings from one-hour to multiple days;

– Student programs, learning sessions, and keynotes;

– Consultation for creating/revising curriculum;

– One-on-one instructional coaching;

– Follow up support by phone, video conference, and email;

– Adaptable trainings and consultation (I am not a one-size fits all trainer).

Want to know more? Click on my Contact Me page.

2016 Speaking Schedule

March 21st – Beer MS, Warren, MI

Keynote: “Changing Your Self-Talk Changes Your Life”

Student Session: “A Journey Into the Brain”

Parent Session: “How Your Words Affect Your Child’s Education”

May 1st – Minnesota Association of School Counselors Conference

Keynote: “Fueling Your Inner Superhero: The Power of Purpose”

May 4th – United Way GradNation, Colorado Springs

Keynote: “Identifying the Main Event: Making the Effort Meaningful”

May – June – HUMANeX

Facilitators Training: “Affective Facilitation”

June 16th – HUMANeX Youth Leadership Summit, Indianapolis

Keynote: TBD

June 24th – Boyne Tech Conference

Keynote: “The Precessional Effects of Your Main Event”

Breakout: “This Is Your Brain on Tech”

August 22 & 23 – Plainwell Community Schools (Michigan)

Teacher Training: “G-Words – Research based strategies for fostering grit and growth mindset”

August 29th – Cambridge-Asanti Schools (Minnesota)

Keynote: “The Mindsets of a Thriving Educator”

September 21st – Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (Arizona State University)

Keynote: “What Makes Teaching Worth It?”

October 12th – Systems Change Conference (South Dakota)

Keynote: “G-Words – Research based strategies for fostering grit and growth mindset”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I wish a lot more teachers/professors could learn from you. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Miss B says:

    Thank you for creating the “What Students Really Need to Hear” video. I am playing it for my high school class today. You took the words right out of my mouth.

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