Speaking & Workshops

 “Our conference had a theme of embracing change and Chase was really able to get at the heart of change in his keynote speech. I don’t believe inspiring and motivating are strong enough words for the impact he truly had on everyone in attendance. All of the attendees were engaged and walked away ready to take on the challenges they face.”

Cindy Schumacher, executive director, The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University

“Chase engaged our audience with meaningful stories to drive home the key messages of his presentation.  His understanding of psychology and its impact on teaching and learning is impressive.  The audience was both challenged and affirmed and his humor added a fun dimension to his keynote speech.  His credibility to speak about education is through the roof, considering he still teaches high school every day and has firsthand experience with what truly works and what is merely rhetoric.  Chase is professional, collaborative, and a tremendous advocate for teachers and teaching.”

 John S., Systems Change Conference Organizer, South Dakota

“Chase’s instruction has completely transformed the way our organization facilitates trainings. His techniques, strategies, and unique concepts have allowed us as facilitators to connect with our audiences, create memorable experiences, and effectively teach concepts in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without Chase’s expertise.”

Dane M., HUMANex Ventures

Although we call them “speeches” or “keynotes,” my mission is to do more than simply talk at groups.  I engage interactive dialogues and experiences to collaborate with teachers and students.  My mission is to help people strengthen three things:

  1. Their sense of purpose;
  2. Their ability to frame new perspectives;
  3. Their potential to thrive.

Each presentation and training mixes powerful stories, research-based concepts, and personalized dialogue to empower listeners.  And, since I am first and foremost a teacher, I know that not every program, school, teacher, or student is the same. Therefore, I offer flexibility in collaborating with students and teachers, including:

– In-service trainings from one-hour to multiple days;

– Student programs, learning sessions, and keynotes;

– Consultation for creating/revising curriculum;

– One-on-one instructional coaching;

– Follow up support by phone, video conference, and email;

– Adaptable trainings and consultation (I am not a one-size fits all trainer).

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Downloadable Resume

Upcoming Speaking Schedule

January 20th – Belton Honea Path – Instagrad Retreat

Keynote: GO HARD on Your Life’s Journey

February 2nd – 2017 Career Development Conference, South Bend Indiana

Keynote: GO HARD on Your Life’s Journey

February 10th – Burchell High School, Wasilla Alaska

Keynote: TBD

March 21st – Allegan County Peer Leadership Annual Conference

Keynote: TBD

June 21st – HUMANeX Youth Leadership Conference

Keynote: TBD

August 14th – Wagner Community Schools, South Dakota

Teacher Training: Thriving Mindsets

September 26th – Central Michigan University Center for Charter School Annual Conference

Keynote: Mindsets for Embracing Change

2016 Speaking Schedule

May 1st – Minnesota Association of School Counselors Conference

Keynote: “Fueling Your Inner Superhero: The Power of Purpose”

May 4th – United Way GradNation, Colorado Springs

Keynote: “Identifying the Main Event: Making the Effort Meaningful”

May – June – HUMANeX

Facilitators Training: “Affective Facilitation”

June 16th – HUMANeX Youth Leadership Summit, Indianapolis

Keynote: TBD

June 24th – Boyne Tech Conference

Keynote: “The Precessional Effects of Your Main Event”

Breakout: “This Is Your Brain on Tech”

August 22 & 23 – Plainwell Community Schools (Michigan)

Teacher Training: “G-Words – Research based strategies for fostering grit and growth mindset”

August 29th – Cambridge-Asanti Schools (Minnesota)

Keynote: “The Mindsets of a Thriving Educator”

September 21st – Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (Arizona State University)

Keynote: “What Makes Teaching Worth It?”

October 12th – Systems Change Conference (South Dakota)

Keynote: “G-Words – Research based strategies for fostering grit and growth mindset”



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I wish a lot more teachers/professors could learn from you. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Miss B says:

    Thank you for creating the “What Students Really Need to Hear” video. I am playing it for my high school class today. You took the words right out of my mouth.

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