Chase Mielke

Author. Speaker. Well-Being Expert.

Although we call them “speeches” or “keynotes,” my mission is to do more than simply talk at groups.  I engage interactive dialogues and experiences to collaborate with teachers and students about social emotional learning and living.  My mission is to help people strengthen three things:

  1. Their sense of purpose;
  2. Their ability to frame new perspectives;
  3. Their perseverance.

Each presentation and training mixes powerful stories, research-based concepts, and personalized dialogue to empower listeners.  And, since I am first and foremost a teacher, I know that not every program, school, teacher, or student is the same. Therefore, I offer flexibility in collaborating with students and teachers, including:

Virtual presentations, courses, and keynotes

– In-service trainings from one-hour to multiple days;

– Student programs, learning sessions, and keynotes;

– Consultation for creating/revising curriculum;

– One-on-one instructional coaching;

– Follow up support by phone, video conference, and email;

– Adaptable trainings and consultation (I am not a one-size fits all trainer).

Workshop Resources


2 responses to “Speaking & Professional Development”

  1. Thank you for creating the “What Students Really Need to Hear” video. I am playing it for my high school class today. You took the words right out of my mouth.

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