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A Free 10-Minute Body Scan Meditation

During my most recent webinar, I mentioned that one of the best ways I’ve introduced my students to mindfulness is guiding them through a quick body scan. Why a body scan?

  1. It’s tangible as a “closed focus” practice — students can focus in on specific areas and there is a lot of instruction in case their thoughts drift;
  2. It’s accessible — Many are critical of mindfulness being “spiritual” or “soft.” However, everyone experiences stress, strain, and tension in their body (especially athletes). My students can get on board with relaxing their body;
  3. It’s a great pre-sleep practice — My students often talk about how hard it is to sleep. I sell this practice as a great one to use when your brain is ruminating before bed or you need to relax.

So, without further rambling, here is a link to a free 10-minute recording of how I guide my students through a body scan.

Missed the webinar and want to see the recording? Well, here you go, complete with a weird box around my face. Ha!


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