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Let the writing begin . . .

Many people know that I’m an avid “bucket lister.”  The list, which I started 8 years ago, has pushed me to take risks, prioritize, and never lose sight of my passions.  Soon, I will get a chance to check off one of the most daunting items on my list:

#5: Publish a book.

Since September, I’ve been connecting with ASCD and recently got the green light for publication.  Now the exciting (and terrifying) part: Writing the thing.

I’ll drop more details about the scope and intention of the book (hint: It’s a book about positive psychology).  But right now is all about discussing process rather than product.

Through AffectiveLiving and Twitter, I’m going to share my experience with the process of writing  –  not just writing a book, but doing so while balancing full-time teaching, speaking, husbanding, and parenting a wild one-year old.

If you are interested in the process of writing, the struggles of life balance – or are just interested in watching some dude go through a roller-coaster of excitement and self-doubt, I invite you to follow the journey.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got about 30 minutes left on my son’s “nap clock,” so I better get to work.  Oh, never mind, he just woke up.



3 responses to “Let the writing begin . . .”

  1. Chase,
    I adore and admire your passion for teaching! I look forward to your work on your book! Being a parent you may understand the process may seem much like pregnancy and labor! God Bless you hands on the key board and innovative ways to capture your thoughts on the go with a one year old!
    Go get ’em~

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