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Motivation: Ben Franklin

Fact: Ben Franklin helped shape America.

Fact: He was also a bit of a cougar-supporter and creeper.

Fact: The boy took personal growth seriously.

Fact: He was not a president.

With these facts established, I find no greater respect I can pay the man than to follow his lead.

Arriving at Teaching Perfection

Each month I set out to undertake an opportunity for growth in my teaching and make it a strength.  Each day will be marked either fetid of an error or clean of accomplishment.  Each month’s focus will then be cycled through the next.  

Environment and Order (September)

If it is not helping learning, it is hurting learning.  Everything in its proper place.

Reinforcement (October)

Learning is repetition.  It’s never too late.

Community (November)

It takes a village.  Be the town crier.

Punctuality (December)

Waste no time.  Feedback must be fresh.  Commitments must be kept.

Reflection (January)

Analyze performance.  Seek feedback.  Grow.

Purposefulness (February)

Everything is on purpose.  No learning is an island.

Rigor (March)

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.  Or what’s a heaven for?” – R. Browning

Joyfulness (April)

Passion fuels life-long learning.  Fire-breathing dragons get slayed.

Celebrate (May)

If it’s worth learning, it’s worth celebrating.  Acknowledge the learner’s pursuit.

To keep me going, I’ll also be stealing Ben Frankfurt’s Morning Question (“What good shall I do this day?”) and Evening Question (“What good have I done today?”).

So, what good have I done today?  Stolen Ben Franklin’s lightning.  Take that Red Coats.


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